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Home on the Range

Home at last. Ah.. *grin* I arrived at about 8:30 thursday morning. Hung out and relaxed for a while and struggled to stay awake. Drove Aiyre to school and started watching Hellboy, picked her up after school and went to eat at Vinny's. A little Veal Parm. Umm mmm.

Every time we go outside Aiyre insists we get out the wheelbarrel and move some dirt around.

I finished watching Hellboy this morning. Emily wanted to make sure I didn't put into my journal the reason I didn't finish the movie yesterday, so I won't. ;)

Mom came to visit today. She arrived just after we got to the ice rink. Aiyre didn't like ice skating at all this time. Last time we went she seemed to love it. This time she hated it. She did like playing on the bleachers.

We went to Friendly's for lunch with mom. We worked in the backyard for a couple hours while the three of us took turns playing with Aiyre. I made quite a bit of progress on 2 of the 3 walls. They need the 'cap' stones and to be back filled with dirt, but the blocks are in place.

While putting one of the blocks in place I smacked my head and scratched the heck out of my back. :(

After a quick shower we went to the mall for a while. Aiyre seemed pretty confused and didn't even want to run around. By the time we left at 7 she was pretty cranky. We basically had to drag her out.

I've got to call Phil and firm up our plans for tomorrow. New England Aquarium followed by an early dinner at Fire and Ice in Harvard Square. I've got to figure out which rail line goes out to the square from near the Aquarium. We'll probably have lunch in and around Quincy Market. I called Don earlyier, but the tickets from Raytheon have not arrived, so we'll have to pay.

I've been kinda sick, which has manifested itself as a runny/stuffed nose and sore throat.

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