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I called TEQON to see why she wanted me to stop into work on my home visit. TEQON wanted to talk to me about my bad attitude. According to her I've had 3 strikes against me.

The first was the fiasco regarding my training plan and how many hours should be planned and what courses should be planned and how long that plan is. I filled out my training plan 2 years ago to cover all the courses I needed to take at this pay grade, according to the Raytheon lab level training plan. To take all of the required courses was going to take me till 2008. She didn't care and only wanted to see 40 in my plan. There was no value added to deleting items from my plan, other than to take my eye off my long term goals. Didn't care. I suggested that the secretary should fill out the plans. She felt they were individual plans and a secretary could do them. If they are individual I should be able to keep my plan. Nope delete it, move courses into the 'comments' section instead. That way they don't show up on her report and may it look bad. So I wasted some company profits and changed it. She seemed most upset my the email chains back and forth where I told her my point of view. She felt it was disrespectful and unprofessional. I still think it was a waste of the companies money/tax payer money.

The second was an STR I wrote for a 'special report' that DR generates that had errors. After I fixed the errors the report still had garbage in it, meaning their were random values and strange formating. I assumed that engineers would realize what 'garbage' meant as it gets used all the time. It was not a judgement of the quality of the report but a statement about the content. It was also meant to indicate that my 'fix' may have broken something and it should be checked out. Several people had misinterpreted what I wrote in the STR as a judgement of the report, that you might as well just trash it, etc. One of them was TEQON. I've re-read it and I can easily see how the confusion happened. I've since updated the STR to be more clear, but the damage was done.

The third was an issue we had at site where someone wanted to access the safe. I was in the middle of something for Dave and asked if it was urgent. They said no, so I continued working. They ended up calling someone to come down and open the safe. That person blew up at me. I explained that the original requestor had said it wasn't important, so I would do it after Dave's request. After the fact in the stairwell we resolved the issue and he apologized for blowing up. I told him it was okay, I would have opened the safe if I had known it was urgent. But, I was told it wasn't so... what am I to do.

At least I don't have to go into work on my home visit. I'm not sure if she just wanted to tell me, or refer me to a shrink, or what. At some point she asked if it was Dave's management style causing the hostility.

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