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I went out last night to Beermans again and just as I arrived some joe lit up at the bar. The bartender got so pissed off at him and shoo'ed him out. It was awesome. I do love that part of California.

A group of teenagers was huddled in the darkness outside my apartment when I came home from work. They were smoking, drinking sodas and bitching about their parents.

Emily's mother left me a message on my machine. She wanted to meet tomorrow for breakfast. When I told her I wanted to be to work by 6:30, she didn't seem like she was willing anymore. We agreed to meet at the SanFrancisco airport on Wednesday for dinner before my flight at 10:05 pm.

I have to meet them again at some point early in November to return their tables, chairs, and a pot we borrowed.

It is quite hot in my apartment and for some reason I am letting it cool over via open windows instead of using the A/C.

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