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I've given up on attempting to drive back home. I'll be departing the site on November 19th. My first day in Sudbury will probably be November 29th. The first week I'll probably work shortened hours to help Emily with the baby(we are watching Steve's kid(1 year old) for a week while they party in Cancun). I'll probably have to take off from December 11th to the end of the year to use the rest of my vacation.

I'll be home October 7th to October 12th on a home visit. I'll be home October 29th to November 1st on another home visit. My final unused home visit will allow me to take off the rest of Thanksgiving week.

I've got to make arrangements to have my stuff shipped back to Massachusetts and to have my car shipped back to Massachusetts. I've got a 1600 pound limit on my stuff. I'll probably end up in a hotel for a couple days and with a rental car for a couple days.

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