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I think that no matter how long I work here, the sound of small arms fire is very disconcerting, especially given that the range points directly at this building.

After getting nasty letters from people with obvious political motivations, a Virginia school decided Michael Moore's speaking fee is too high and that the public funds might be better spent, and trys to cancel the speech, but Michael decides to speak for free. Thanks to CNN

More Debate Stuff :

This morning, the Kerry win on CNN is still at 71% with now well over half a million votes.

Anyone can admit when they are correct, it takes true leadership to admit when you are wrong.

"As Kerry said, The wrong war at the wrong time. What kind of message does that send to our troops and our allies?" Bush

The message is sends to our troops is that Kerry has true leadership and is willing to admit mistakes. As Bush said about the war on terrorism, "I didn't start this war, but I'm going to win it.", so Kerry says about the war in Iraq. We should not have gone into Iraq at that point in time, later, maybe. We should have been focusing on Afganistan. That country is still a mess, but the media isn't covering it. We made the same mistake we made decades ago, we walked away. Sure, we still have some troops there, but not enough.

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