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I managed to listen to the first 55 minutes of the debate. I missed the first 3-4 minutes. I thought Kerry 'won'. There were several places I got excited that someone finally smacked Bush around. I do admit that Bush made an occasional arguement that Kerry didn't respond well to. I didn't agree with most of Bushes arguments. Bush seemed to miss the point that Kerry made over and over.

Bush kept insisting that they made the right decision to invade because the resolutions were not working and Saddam would not disarm. He insisted that given the information he had today he would still have invaded. *ring ring* clue phone, its for you W. The resolutions had worked, Saddam had disarmed. There were no WMD. How was he a threat?

Bush didn't seem to listen to Kerry on the exit strategy part either. Kerry clearly stated several times that, despite the fact the Bush got us into a mess, it was now the US's responsibility to finish it and clean up the mess.

The informal poll on CNN said that 79% thought Kerry won the debate.

Despite no response from Adam and Matt I felt I had enough information from their previous emails that I sent out the next Star Wars email. The classic gaming dilemma, what to do with prisoners... :)

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