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Well, its monday morning. I didn't miss much yesterday, or so Fitz claims. Monday night football is at Fitzs tonight. Menu is TBD. I offered to pick up some brats on the way.

Steve managed to win a trip to Cancun again this year. So, Emily and I will be babysitting again, this time for a 1 year old. We may need to dig out the doorway blockers and such as the child is just learning to walk. With luck, Aiyre will be nice to her.

Need to talk to Dave about my exit date and method of egress. I would like to drive back, but the details are vague. Its clear I would get reimbursed for all expenses, up to per diem is tax free, at locations along the way. Its clear I would get government rate(37 cents?) per mile of shortest route(2900+ miles). Its clear I get 9 days, 8 nights to drive the distance. Its clear that during one of the travel days I will be paid my salary.

Persons who have taken this option in the past, and on other projects have stated they got paid for the time it took to drive back. I'd like to leave 2 Saturdays before Thanksgiving and drive back arriving the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

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