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I've been trying to make a push to decrease the amount and calories of the food I eat. I am now constantly aware of the calories of food items. Everything seems to add up so quickly. 15 calories for a vitamin C drop. Holy Cow.

I've had a banana and yogurt this morning so far. I didn't bring a frozen lunch with me as I was concerned about how long I might be waiting for Peter to pick me up. I have Cup Noodles(300 calories) or I can order something, depending on where Reed decides to go today. Right now my stomach is telling me I'm really hungry. :(

When I pick up the car I will be forced to show extreme willpower as there is a Wendy's just across the street. :(

On the radio on the drive in on NPR they mentioned congress passed a big tax cut. I expected to see something about it on CNN, but have not yet. Maybe I was hearing things.

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