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Friday at last. I dropped off my car to the dealer and Peter arrived to meet me just as I walked out of the building. They claim it should be finished by 5pm. I was told they needed to remove the backseats and trunk, so I had to clean both of those out.

I had a dream last night where I was bike riding with Emily and we came across a police officer, who was riding a BMX type stunt bicycle. He was using the end of the brake lever to scratch the paint off of a door of a parked car. When confronted he was nervous. I asked him to radio his supervisor and her refused. He kept attempting to pull his gun and/or access the truck of the car which help machine guns. I managed to prevent both actions over and over. I asked if anyone had a cellphone so we could call 911. Paul Butkiewicz happened to be having a picnic in the parking lot and let me borrow his cellphone. I called while I walked the cop to the local police station. The 911 people had me on hold and didn't really get to me till we were at the station. The entrance to the station had a security check point and when I told them he had a gun and released him to them, they shot him. Very strange.

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