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Finally Friday

Well, this week dragged on...

My 3pm meeting yesterday, which was supposed to last for 1 long time to get through all the slides, got cut short after 1 hour and 8 slides.

They revised my MOU so I have to print a new one, sign it(again), and drop it off(again). They removed some fairly specific text and replaced it with a bunch of vague text. That is exactly the opposite of what people wanted to happen. If you are an optimist, it gives management more flexibility to help us. If you are a pessimist, if gives management more flexibility to screw us.

I won(4th place) the cube decorating contest. MaryLou gave me her 2 tickets because she felt she didn't help much. Maybe Emerald will do the same when she gets back from Taiwan. Brought home the xmas decorations and set them up last night. Aiyre really likes the tree and unwrapping the garland/tinsle from the tree.

We watched "The league of extra-ordinary gentlemen" last night. Some cool characters but an obvious storyline. There were numerous flaws: the vampire out during the day, a gigantic submarine in the canals of venice, etc. There were quite a lot of references to things the audience would think funny, but that did not exist at the time. At times the "special effects" looked very unreal, obvious, and not so special.

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