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I had two somewhat strange dreams last night, the first dealt with the origins of Cricket. In the dream I felt like I was there for the development of the game on the field. I don't know much about cricket and I would be interested to know how much of my dream was correct. I may have to do a search for cricket rules when I get some free time.

The second dream took place in Tibet on a mountain slope. There was a palace, with a king, much like the palace in hero with lines at certain distances. I had a tube of gumballs and was kneeling at the edge of one of the lines. I managed to get the kings attention to ask permission to photograph him, which I felt I was going to do with the gumball, somehow. I started chewing one and a stange woman started walking around beyond the line I could not cross. She had spots in her hair, like a cheetah, and glowing green eyes. I suspect I pulled her from pieces of the book I've been reading, A Kiss of Shadows. I asked her if her hair and eyes were natural but she was confused by the question and before I could clarify, the king asked me if I would blow a bubble. I then felt confused, as I struggled to take his picture with a piece of bubble gum. I woke up.

I'm heading for home!

October 6th, 10:05 pm flight from SFO to BOS arriving at 6:30 am on October 7th. With luck I'll be home by 9:30am. I'm not staying long, as I'll be heading back to SFO on the 12th at 9:10 am.

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