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Party Time

Made it through another day in the terminal room. It is awful in there. It used to be too cold so that I had to wear a sweatshirt, but now its soo hot I'm roasting.

Tonight was the softball banquet. Best T shirt at the banquet, black with white lettering "I put out on the first date." The food was good, not good enough for the 15 bucks, but good anyway. I was sitting alone and was joined by the late arrivals, Col Pulliam and his wife, as well as their adopted infant, who was almost as cute as Aiyre, and A1C Colton, who was sick.

Col. Pulliam seemed interest in our moral and living conditions as contractors, his wife teaches special ed in preschool to 2nd grade and was very interested in Aiyre. She recommended the two books by Temple Grandin, in case anyone is looking for birthday gifts for Emily and I(you only have 2-3 weeks left), which deal with autism.

I enjoyed speaking with Colton more. The wife was a bit pushy and over-bearing once she found out about Aiyre. I mostly spoke with Colton about school and the new radar. She either has a tongue ring or a bit of a lisp which I never noticed before. I wasn't sure how to ask. I didn't see a ring when I looked at her tongue but I didn't want to stare.

She is transfering to the Alaska radar in Febuary. Tough cimate change to go from California Feb to Alaska Feb. The radar is like 70 miles from the nearest town. She had better plan on taking internet courses if she wants to finish her degree.

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