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I managed to get out of work and home early enough to catch an 8pm showing of Resident Evil 2. What a piece of work. *laughs* Why is it in zombie movies that the zombies insist on biting and chewing flesh? Why isn't their own flesh or the flesh of fellow zombies good enough? How to they seem to know right where the living are? What was up with the cemetary scene and zombies coming up out of graves. I thought it was supposed to be caused by virus you catch by being biten. Someone dug up 60 year old corpses, bite them, buried them again, and re-turfed the cemetary just before the heroes arrived so the zombies can come up out of the ground and attack them?

On the up side it was really loud and not very scary. It did have a little tittie into it, and I mean little.(Sorry Mila!) So there was a cool blast at the end just outside a building and they show all the glass on the building breaking and flying all over. Why does the glass fly towards the blast? Shouldn't it fly into the building?

I've had a real stabbing pain in my side/back today. It seems to be right at the curve where the flat of the back becomes the curve of the left side. Its fairly low on the back just where the floating ribs are. I thought maybe kidney or something like that, but it seems to be too far towards the back and maybe a touch high up. If it persists I'll be forced to look up exactly where it is. I think it maybe some sort of pulled muscle as the stabbing goes away if I lean back and relax. Maybe I just need a vacation. I've also developed a bit of a sore throat over the last 6-8 hours. It's quite painful to swallow.

I started working on the next Star Wars section. I've got a couple paragraphs down, but I can't finalize anything until I get the last response. My 16 year old decided to play in character. Quite funny. Big battle, lost of bodies, burnt flesh smells in the air, etc. What would you do?

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