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I didn't get to sleep last night till after 11. The apartment was so hot when I got home dispite leaving the AC at 80 and it being quite cool outside. I decided to just open the windows to get it cooler. Twas nice.

I called Emily this morning when I got up. I wish she was easier to talk to on the phone. Aiyre started therapy at home in the mornings again. She seemed to remember the therapist, who is now about 6 months pregnant.

Two guys from Sudbury arrived here this morning to help with the last push to get stuff working and tested. They don't have access to most stuff yet so there is babysitting for the rest of us to do.

I've noticed it was getting darker and darker at night when I leave, its now always dark. I can tell the weather is changing here. Its been less oppressive and breezier of late. I would like to drive back to Sudbury when I'm done here but I'm worried about getting over the mountains in late November/early December.

I was planning on hitting some sites as I cross the country... I'm not sure how many of these I can get without going too much out of my way.. I get 9 days/8 nights to do the crossing. I'll have to find out how to post journal messages by telephone so I can keep everyone updated.

Yosemite, Sequoia National Forest, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, Chicago, Cincinatti, My Sisters(Warren PA), DC, NYC

Did I miss anything important?

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