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busy busy

I did a breif set of slides to cover what I work on and how to cover for me while I'm gone. I came up with 38 slides, which Adam informed me took about 15 minutes per slide. That means I need about 9.5 hours to do the presentation. It is scheduled to start 3pm on thursday.

I still can not get anymore information about scheduling therapists for my daughter in CA. Puja never seems to be in the office. I may have to submit the MOU without that data. I would like confirmation that Emily and Aiyre can come out in March and come back if the therapy services are not available.

My daughter woke up at 4 this morning coughing and such. I had trouble getting back to sleep and got to work late.

I'm not sure I'll be able to get all this stuff done before I leave.

The decorating contest is being judged today. With luck I'll win, but I expect Mark or Angchu to win.

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