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After dropping off the food at the local church I rode over to the supermarket and bought some more food. Bananas, Broccoli, Lean Cuisines. The bill was like 38 bucks, which surprised me a bit. Later in the day, I noticed a bunch of coupons for the supermarket where you get free stuff if you spend 25 bucks. I went back to the receipt to verify I spent 25 bucks and to figure out how to get my free stuff. On the receipt, it showed I saved $24 on this visit by using my saving card. Wow. $25... what from? It turns out I save more than $11 on bananas alone... Wait.. no way. The receipt claimed I bought 40.10 pounds of banana and I saved like 29 cents a pound. I only bought about 2 pounds.. not 40.10. I rode back to the supermarket and got the $20 I spent on the banana refunded and got to keep the bananas.

While there I rented an watched 50 First Dates today. I liked it. It was quite funny at times and made me cry towards the end. I wanted to rent The Punisher but they were sold out. I toyed around with getting Hellboy but I didn't know anything about the story ahead of time so it doesn't really interest me. I would like to see Daredevil again. I think Phil owns it. Maybe we can borrow it when I'm home in October.

I really miss my family.

I found a coupon from McDonalds for free fries and soda if you buy a 5 piece chicken select. So... I rode over and bought one and got my free stuff.. 4.95 for the chicked... about 1 buck or so more than I thought they were worth. They were good, although I burnt my gums. :(

After the meal, which turned out to be a bit much... maybe a 3 piece, or a 5 but no fries, I rode around a bit on my bike. My legs are going to be sore... I've been neglecting my bike for the last month or two. It has been obnoxiously hot. Today it wasn't too bad at all. It was also quite breezy for once.

I'm going to go see Spider Man II tonight before it leaves the theaters. I'll probably skip dinner and just eat popcorn.

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