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Just got back from Fitzs place. I was the first to arrive at 7:30 or so.. the half time show was already going, though I didn't see any of it. The Pats ended up winning, though it was a bit of a squeeker at the end. They got lucky. Fitz's wife is from Wisconsin so every meal at Fitzs had Brats. Yummy. I brought some Killian's Red and replacement Brats for next Monday.

On NPR on the way home they had some really interesting excerpts from the 9/11 commission reports, tapes of phone calls, etc. Cool stuff. The day sounded like a very confusing one indeed. I was home sick that day and didn't find out about it till that afternoon when I attempted to check my email but the web was bogged down, all I got was the title on yahoo "NY and DC hit".

I went downstairs and turned on Univision and NPR with my wife and got caught up.

My stomach is groaning a bit so I guess I had too much to eat. Going to be another sleepless night. I've had a lot of trouble sleeping the last week. Very vivid dreams everynight, some of which I wrote down here, but very sleepless. I was in bed 11 hours last night and managed about 5 hours of sleep.

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