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I caught the tail end of an interview that Terry Gross was giving on NPR on the drive home from work, before switching to 'the 80's after 8'. I really like her voice and speaking style. It did remind me of Kari's voice probably only because I spoke to her just this morning. Terry's voice is warm and round, perhaps even loving, like a mothers/grandmothers voice. Her word selection seems some friendly yet inquisitive like talking to an old friend.

Justin must still be sick or over worked as he didn't respond to my Star Wars email. One character I expected to participate in the coming combat, though he doesn't have a weapon decided to take cover and try to avoid the situation. I went back and read his first email with character background and he said right in there that he is "a little paranoid of fighting and trys to stay out of fights". Good for him... playing in character. If only the 16 year old girl character had reacted the same way when people started shooting...

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