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quite day on the farm

The RDE(Remote Development Environment/Raytheon Development Environment) environment was down for most of the day, it came back up at 4:55. As a result the day was quite slow and I didn't enjoy it at all. I prefer a lot of action and the sense of accomplishment when I fix things. We were working on a several bugs given backup copies of data, but we only found a solution to one of the problems.

There was a BBQ provided by Raytheon today.. burgers, kielbasa, fixings, apple pie, chocolate cake, soda. YUMMY. I managed to down a pair of burgers and kielbasa as well as avoid any pie or cake.

There is a rumor that we can get paid above and beyond our normal OT limit for working on the holiday. That would be nice. I would like the time off, but the hassle involved in 'banking' the holiday along with the short schedule for the rest of the year make it seem like that isn't going to happen.

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