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Mon, Dec. 15th, 2003, 07:46 am
frozen monday

Well it snowed, if briefly yesterday giving us 3 inches, till it was covered with ice this morning.

I forgot the paper work for Aiyre's therapists. With luck Emily with email me all the details this morning so I can send to Puja. I do like that name, I doubt Emily would allow us to use it for a child though.

My throat really hurt last night, but isn't too bad this morning. My arms are quite dry though. I may have to get some lotion.

I really need 5.1.4 to get working so I can finish some of my accomplishments. I need to read a bunch of STNs too. Actually I'm quite swamped at work.

I still have not done any christmas shopping, so if there is something special you want, you still have time to email me.

Mon, Dec. 15th, 2003 10:51 am (UTC)

christmas shopping can be quite a pain in the boot. I saw you added me, so I had to come check out your journal... i don't believe we've met. But I am notorious for my forgetfulness. :)

Wed, Dec. 17th, 2003 09:33 am (UTC)
lawful_evil: meeting

No we had not met. I'm unsure how I came upon your journal. I've just started blogging and am still figuring out how things work.

Good luck with your move! I'm going through that right now too, with my deployment to CA.