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Everyone seemed to going so slow on the drive in this morning. Traffic was awesome though. No trucks on the road made for no bottlenecks. I think we as a country should do some brainstorming and see if we can come up with a solution to trucks. They are very dirty and inefficient, but they also cause amazing traffic problems due to their extremely slow acceleration.

On NPR I heard part of an interview, I never found out with whom, but there was a great one liner. Agnostics are just cowardly atheists. I've been wondering in the last couple years if I was in fact agnostic and not atheist. It is mainly for a fear of some otherworldly punishment that has kept my logical mind from doing the things it says are correct.

Another part of the interview really reminded me of a line from The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. "The reason people talk so much is if they didn't their minds might start working." Something similar... maybe someone will look that up for me as I didn't bring the book with me to Lincoln.

After listening to NPR for a while I switched to some modern music/80s mix and was overcome with depression and started crying again. I miss my family so much and really really hate being alone.

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