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Last night I revised my home page as well as the links and hobby pages. I posted transcripts of the StarWars game to the hobby page, incase anyone in interested. Emily's transcript is missing some stuff because we talked about on session in person. I still need to go back and write down the details. If you want to look, follow the den of evil link and then go to hobbies.

I had another dream last night... I was jogging by a lake and came across my friend Kari Blood from elementary/middle/high school/college. She was in a boat with someone rowing towards shore. By the time I got there they were to shore. I rubbed the top of her head in a manner you would a child. I stopped and looked the guy she was with for a moment and kept going. I later found myself on an island with a bunch of people from work. I woke up.

After that dream at about 3:30 I was unable to get back to sleep till about 5:30. I was thinking about Kari. I still love her. I suppose I've had a crush on her since high school but never managed to date her. We were always with someone else. I did manage a kiss at our high school graduation. I kissed her quickly and really took he by surprise.

I called Kari this mornring. It was really great to speak with her again. I don't think I had called her since her birthday in March. We did resolve early in the conversation that she would not be voting for Bush. :) She is still getting divorced but has started dating again. She is having the same trouble I had back a couple years. The first bunch of relationships I had were all long term and I got really confused when I started actually dating and having many dates with many people. She's going through the same thing now. We talked for at like 30 to 45 minutes this morning. We were always able to talk and have long conversations. I really miss that. If I were to call Emily we would struggle to be on the phone for 5 minutes. She did agree to meet Emily and Aiyre in December when we go visit my mother.

Aiyre had a good first full day of school. We haven't resolved yet when the ABA therapy will be, nor where it will be. We are pushing for them to do it at school in the morning just before her normal school would begin.

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