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Got up at about 10 this morning. After talking to Emily for a while I played TOEE for a while, helped the guy downstairs load his bed into his truck, and composed some StarWars. Went to Roseville, United Artists to see The Manchurian Candidate. It was interesting but didn't seem very plausible. I guess I'm not paranoid enough. I figure that business already has candidates in the white house. I also figure that instead of brain washing and such for control they just picked someone stupid.

Wrote some more Star Wars when I got home and sent out emails bringing the entire group up to a common point in time and thrust them into conflict.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and I will be working, as usual. I'm not sure if I will 'defer' the holiday or just collect the 8 hours from it. Raytheon allows employees to work holidays and take the time off sometime before the first quarter of the next year. I would probably use the time when I got back from Beale.

When I leave Beale my plan it to drive back to Massachusetts and stop and see some of the sights along the way. I would like to hit Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and the Sequoia National Forest. Know of any places I should see on the way? Raytheon give us 9 days(350 miles per day) to drive home. It is not clear what is meant by 'giving' us the time. Do we get paid for it? Do they pay mileage? Do they only pay hotels and such for 9 days? Does the per diem not stop for 9 days?

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