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I had a dream... That my cousin David and I were living together. We were also werewolves. Also living with us were two women. One was old, like us and I had the feeling that she was my spouse, though it wasn't Emily. The other was younger, like early twenties. They were both Vampires.

It started off and we were all in the living room and my wife went to hug me. As we hugged she twisted my head and exposed my neck and said, "See how easy it is?" As if whe were teaching the younger girl to be a vampire. There was a little bit of horseplay mock fighting to show the girl that we, the werewolves, were much stronger and that she shouldn't even consider it. Once I had her on the ground and held her, there was a closeness, the warmth of the embrass, but she was shaking, scared I would kill her.

In the next dream section I was again living in a house with 3 others, a man and two woman. The house had many floors and had a ghost problem. One of the people in the house knew how to put ghosts to rest but we had to get them to materialize and come out to be with the living. Whenever they started to materialize there was a wispy form that floated around, not even close to human shaped, really just cload shaped. I noticed one ghost and for some reason started laughing in a somewhat fake and insane type of laugh. The ghost responded to the sound of fun laughter and enjoyment by materializing and joining a 'dinner party' we were setting up. One materialized the ghost looked like Gleen Close, but the woman who knew claimed it was her mother. This continued and the table was getting full. I turned to John Fitzpatrick, a guy from work, who is only in the dream for this one section, and asked him to pull over those extra tables to make the dinning room table bigger. He did and we ended up with 4 ghosts total.

The scene jumped to a cemetary at night, mist along the ground, etc. There was a little blond 6 year old and she was explaining why the ghosts were upset and showed where one of the head stones had been knocked down and buried underneath an existing stone. She pulled up that stone and then instantly dug up the graves and said "See here, where with one marker they buried these two people." With a wave of her hand she moved one casket out and into a separate grave along with the headstone to go with it. She did that for the 3 others too.

The next scene had David and I back as werewolfes running in the forest on a tropical island. We were transformed and could tell we were being chased, but didn't want to be discovered. We ran through the forest and came to a cliff at the edge of the island, dove off and sawm underwater to the next island. Once there it was daylight and we were human again. We going captured by pirates and put in small cages with 4 or 5 others. We got the impression of power from the 4-5 others and knew they were the ones chasing us and they weren't human either. There were like some sort of werelizards or something. We fought for a while, I woke up.

I was thinking about seeing The Manchurian Candidate today, as I have the day off! I'm waiting for Justin and Adam to reply to the Star Wars stuff. I would like to get Adam caught up but he is still a little behind everyone. Justin says he has been working 12-14 hour days which is why he isn't responding, although he responded to the email asking him why he isn't responding.

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