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Little get together at Fitzs again last night... only 3 of us showed up this time. Burger, corn on the cob, salad, beer and such. It was a nice break from the grind.

I went and bought groceries on the way home. $157 ... but I had a 10% off coupon for the whole trip. *cha ching* Most of the cost came from my massive pepcid ac purchase.

When I got home the guy from downstairs was there with his daughter and was moving his stuff out. It turns out that a week or so ago(according to him) his wife was getting uppity and violent so he and his daughter decided to leave. His wife followed him to the parking lot and his wife grabbed his shoulder and he brushed her hand off. She staggered back and yelled 'help help I'm being attacked.' Someone called the cops and he and his daughter went to the police station to file restraining orders against her. His daughter succeeded, but they arrested him for felony assault. He spent 3 days in jail and had to drop almost 8 grand, 4 for lawyers and 3750 for bail bonds. His bail was actually set at 37500.

Last he saw his wife she was 'better' and wanted to just forget about the whole thing and get back to how it was before. Crazy people.

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