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I rode over and got the reflecter on my bike fixed. One of the ones on the pedal broken off when the pedal hit a curb. Seems like poor design. Either the curbs are about 1/2 an inch too high or the bike rides a 1/2 to low.

When I got home from Hero, which wasn't too bad, I had a call from work. I can't even take a day off without them needing something. It seems the volunteered me, again, for the late shift today. I don't really mind as it give me more daylight hours to use.

I stayed up till midnight watching The Matrix and continued to read Sleepwalk by John Saul. I ended up finish The Matrix a few minutes ago and I still have quite a few chapters in the book left. They are reaching the resolution phase of the story so the pace of the reading has picked up.

I made it into the actual temple areas in The Temple of Elemental Evil. I'm not sure I came in from the right direction, but I didn't see any other way to get in. I now have a Hill Giant in the party which is kinda cool, but no one back in town will deal with me. I can't sell any loot till I get rid of him. I'm going to end up killing him cause he has a lot of my loot.

I'm still waiting for a response from Justin and Adam before I can send the next part of the Star Wars story. Actually, I'm trying to catch Adam up so I really need about 2 more emails from him.

I've had a pain in my jaw on the left side now for a couple days. It doesn't seem to be anything dental, but something with the joint. It is like it is getting stuck. If I leave my mouth closed for a while, it becomes difficult and painful to open it. Likewise, if I have my mouth open and in use for a while, it is difficult and painful to bite on something/close my mouth. Regardless it is painful to yawn or open my mouth wide.

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