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good times

Just got back from Fitzs new place. A good time was had be all, or so it seemed to me. There were plenty of Brats and beer, as a good Wisconsin dinner should have. I got there early enough to move a couple boxes and one cat before all the work was done. One of the guys took off of work to spend the whole day helping move him.

I got a package from my sister this morning. It held a Father's day card to me from Alex, Max and Guff(the dog?). There is a card to Emily, Mother's day? There is also a wrapped present to Aiyre. I guess she'll get it when I have my first home visit in October.

This morning I finally got the proof of insurance cards from Met for the Ford Taurus I sold last week. The evening when I got home I got the cancelation notice from Met for that very same insurance policy along with a refund check for $6.83 Time to hit the casinos.

I felt like I got side swiped at work today. A fix I put in yesterday broke the data reduction program, but no one mention it till like 2pm. I had a fix and tested it withing an hour, not that I really know what was wrong. The fix itself caused a fair amount of trouble too, mostly because the classified constants I was given don't line up with current system performance. 'They' are wasting system time by not giving me the correct constants because they are focused on fixing the system performance. I agree that it needs to be fixed, but in the mean time we can use the system for other tests, if we have corrected constants.

At the end of day meeting we argued over the 'fix' for quite a while and talked about removing it, etc. The fix itself works as per spec. The problem is the constants and people seemed to be ignoring that issue or diverting attention to the other, as yet unidentified, system problem.

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