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I got volunteered for the second shift again today. As a result I got to come into work late, but as you can see, I'm still here.

This morning while playing Tropico, I lost the presidency to a priest. :( When the election cycle started and it told me who the opponent was, it zoomed in on the priest. He was at a bar, and they want this guy to be 'el presidente'? I guess that is what I get for letting the populous vote. I plan to rule the next board with an iron fist. There is a reason they put an assassinate button on the interface. :)

Tomorrow, Fitz is moving and we all get to help after work. It shouldn't be too bad, as he is moving 2 houses up the street. The house they were in was sold, but managed to rent a house owned by their current landlord's brother. If we can get stuff setup they are planning a BBQ and pre-season football on the bigscreen TV. That is, of course, that the power gets turned on by then.

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