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43 days

43 days till my next home visit when I can see my family again. I hope Emily can get her computer setup and on-line soon so she can post photos of Aiyre.

There were light puffy clouds in the sky this morning on the way in. Much like you would see in the northeast. The skies are normally clear or have wispy clouds. I slept in a little this morning but was awakened by construction equipment sounds. I guess someone died and they are planting them across the street in the cemetary.

I sent out a couple Star Wars emails this morning, and wrote up some for people who didn't get an email. It is difficult to write much without getting input from the players.

I caught part of a 'discussion' yesterday on Fox news. They had a loud/rude republican talking to a democrat. R kept asking if Kerry would apologize to veterans for not supporting them when he returned from Vietnam. D was dodging the question and attempting to indicate that Kerry did what was right and didn't need to apologize. R kept interrupting before D could get any of his points out. Should Kerry apologize for hurting the feelings of Vets and for not supporting them?

What did Kerry do? From what I know, he spoke his feelings and spoke to congress about what he saw and what he was told. There were lots of anti-war protests and such, its not like he was the lone voice against the war. I would think that any efforts to end the war would be applauded by Vets. If I was at war and at the front line I would hope everyday that people worked to end the war and bring me back to safety. What kind of crazy person would want to stay at war? I don't know if he was witness to the atrocities he reported to congress or if he was just told about them. I'm not sure how reporting war crimes doesn't support the troopw either. Troop morale would be much improved if they didn't have nightmares all the time about massacres and such committed by those around them.

Its one of those arguments, like... Will you apologize for beating your wife? You try to explain that you are not, in fact, beating your wife, and they interrupt you and say you are dodging the question. Answer Yes and you are a reforming wife beater, answer No and you are a wife beating. You can't win.

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