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I've been playing Tropico at the apartment recently. I quite enjoy the music and level of detail provided. I has just dumped me to my desktop several times, but I learned to save often. I think next time I won't be so nice to my people... crush them with my iron fist. Elections, persmections. I am the law!

My plan for the rest of the year...

Home visit October 8th to October 11th
Home visit October 29th to November 1st
Home visit November 23rd to November 28th
Transfer back to Sudbury December 1st
Vacation December 8th to Jan 2nd

The problem I fixed earlier this week got blown out of proportion by Scott. Here is a quote from the email he sent to management. "I want to commend and thank Kyle for the superior engineering skill and effort required to troubleshoot what turns out to be a very subtle problem involving C++ templates, static methods, and pool allocation."

I wonder when Sly is going to run for president? May be time to refocus on my diet and exercise plan. I'll have to go check my weight.

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