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Car free zone

We sold the Ford Taurus this morning. We went to the place we found over the weekend that only bought cars during the week. They offered $5300 and didn't mention the accident, so I suspect they didn't see anything wrong. We took the offer and paid them about $5000 in cash so they could settle our debt with the finance company. Had to go to various banks to get cash out of my ATM card. The $300 can be bypasses inside and I was able to get much more out of the account. Problem is that we were expecting the 3700 offer so I got $2000 extra in cash now.

We still need to conserve some and curtail spending but not as much.

After buying the car I dropped Emily and Aiyre at the apartment and went to work. Didn't get a full day in, but I can make up the time after they leave and I have nothing to do.

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