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pot luck

Well, today is the pot luck lunch. I tried the sweet and sour kielbasa, some saffron rice and a slice of apple pie. Everything was good. The rice was a little bland, but its rice, what do I expect.

I got the paperwork for my deployment yesterday. 1/19 - 9/30(on or about) at Beale A.F.B. I still need to work out the child services stuff, but it looks okay. We got a 7.5% pay adjustment back into the deal(mostly to cover the tax issues) We still have the full 50% completion bonus. If we can finish on time, it should be about $30,000. That would be a really nice check. We still get the $110/day for expenses.

I'm making good progress on the transition slides. The six sigma project has suffered this week though. I had hoped to have it pretty much done. Maybe tomorrow I can work on it a bunch.

The cube decorations are getting there. I stopped at CVS last night and picked up some tinsle and some plastic snowmen. We really need a 'fireplace' to put below the stockings. We really need something to clinch it.

I still need to come up with stuff for D&D levels 5 and 4. I have some ideas and could wing it, but I wanted it to be smooth and well thought out.

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