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Emily and Aiyre will be coming out tomorrow. Don't know what time yet. They will stay with me till their flight to Boston on the 25th.

I should be back home around Oct 10th, and again around Oct 31st. I am curious about how much things have changed. I need to remember to get the alarm code before I leave this time so I don't get home and find myself locked out.

I'll be working the night shift this week, like noon to 10 or so. At least it leaves me with the morning to spend with Emily and Aiyre. We need to sell her car and get mine serviced(45K miles).

I send out a batch of Star Wars emails this morning. No replies yet. I cleaned up a little, took out the trash, and played TOEE for a while. I think I'm to the point where I am entering the back door to the actual temple. I thought I played the module with Jeremy, Emily, Dick, etc. in Wisconsin, but I don't remember this part so far.

In the pen and paper one after we attacked the bandits and fled they re-organized and counterattacked our cottage back in town and were prepared when we came back. I did the same electronically and everything was just as I had left it. I killed the guard outside and he was never replaced.

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