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We ordered chinese for lunch. The place they selected is just down the block from my apartment and Emily, Aiyre, and I often go there.

On the TV in the break room was the olympics, womens synchronized diving. I'd never heard of that before, much less knew it was a sport. It doesn't seem to be the kind of thing you can have a pick-up game of.

Maybe next time we are at the pool I see if I can get a little synchonrized diving competition going. Yeah right.

I should be leaving early today as I need to get a load or 4 of laundry through the system before they lock up at 8pm. I'll either stay home and play TOEE, read, do Star Wars, or hit the casino.

We've been having lots of strange problems with the system, which are beginning to look like corba is going nuts on us. Its like the corba connection table is getting corrupted or something.

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