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Stopped at the supermarket to pick up my film last night but it wasn't there. I returned a bottle of water that I bought(still sealed), but was now only 1/2 full. I picked up some lean cuisine, cause their on sale.

Got home, played a little TOEE before hitting the bed.

I got bit by something Wednesday night and I've had a strange rash since then. Its only on my legs and looks like a zit on top of a skeeter bite. I started with 4(on Wednesday) and now I've got around 20. They are quite itchy and are driving me nuts.

When I got up this morning my computer was still running. I told it to shutdown last night but it never finished. It has been acting flakey. I had to reboot twice this morning during the 30 minutes I was on. It needs some serious help. Anyone know where to look to see what programs are getting loaded on startup? Is it somewhere in the control panel?

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