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Answers, finally.

I asked some Blackjack questions a while back and I just got an answer.

1. When you split a pair, are you limited to one card for each of the pair? Do you have to put down addition bets on the split? Does the bet have to be equal to your original?
2. What is ment by 'doubling'? I've seen references to when you should double, but what does that do? Do you get more cards? Do you wager more money?

Answers (according to Bill)
1) When splitting a pair you play each split like you would a regular hand taking as many cards as you want on each. You put down a bet equal to the original on the splitted card.
2) Doubling down means you add an additional bet (equal to your original bet) and get only one more card. This is commonly used when the deal shows a 6 and you have 11 between your 2 cards and are hoping for a 10...

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