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Wed, Aug. 11th, 2004, 07:59 pm
Softball Victory!(sort of)

We won because the other team only fielded 8 players. We really only had 8 too, but tossed a jersey on one of the fans(wearing jeans and flip-flop/clogs). We put her in the line up, and... we win, they forfiet.

We played for fun anyway. The other team won, they would have really killed us if they had another player. We had all of our dependable players, not our good players. I managed two hits, one made it to the grass. I caught a couple hits, but let even more just bounce/roll/fly on by.

It was really hot again, it got up to stage 4, red flag. Although, just before the game they backed off and called it stage 3, yellow flag. The car initially claimed it was 114, but after driving to the field, the temp was down to 104.

This place it really hell. It rained the first 45 days I was here and hasn't rained since. Its cold and wet and messy in the spring/winter and hot and un-liveable during the summer. I hope the fall is bearable.

I took a shower and put a lean cuisine in the micro when I got home, the field is so dusty. The dirt is like red clay almost. The socks I wear to the game get stained by the dirt. It sticks to my legs giving them a strange hue.

I picked up groceries and gas on the way home. The drive to work is just perfect for gas mileage. I've been averaging over 50-52 going to and from work. Of course now that I have to use the A/C so much its down to like 49-50, which is still pretty good.

Emily hasn't answered any of my emails this week. I think she is still mad at me. :(