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Holy hand grenades batman

Well it was damn hot again last night for the game. The called the game in the 5th because we were up 14 to zip. I got a hit, but got thrown out at 1st. Doh. I played right field, but nothing came my way.

After the game we had beer and soda in the parking lot. Cecil handed me his keys so he could get his cooler out of the trunk. I had two cokes and went home. I called Emily and was taking off my kit and getting ready for a shower when I noticed I had his keys still. Doh! I called back to base to get his cell phone number. No luck. I left my home number. I assumed his wife had keys to the car and I could give him the keys today. Nope. He was stuck and called me after 30 minute or so at home. I had to drive back to base, drop off the keys and drive back home. I took a shower and went to bed at 9:30. I didn't manage to get to sleep till after 11. My stomach was growling and I was forced to give it something for dinner. After that it was the caffiene and sugar from the cokes(i think).

After dropping the keys off I stayed and talked with Cecil and Wilson about Star Wars. Wilson is playing KOTR and didn't know the trick about killing the end guy and was getting his butt kicked. Cecil plays Galaxies and was telling us about the game. I read some reviews and will probably buy it. The reviews claimed it was fine even over a phone line. I've never really done the on-line subscription games before.

Another softball game tonight which we will probably lose or forfeit. I need to work late tomorrow to get some stuff done. Another game on friday, followed by a BBQ.

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