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Well, okay, it is a bit of a chick book. It does deal with a werewolf pack and killings and such, but the main character is a 16 year old girl who is dealing with friendships and love and acceptance at school and all that 16yo girl crap. So far, the book is tolerable. I'm only in chapter 2.

Emily and Aiyre left. Emily and I had a 'fight' I asked her to use bottled water to make the pasta(mac and cheese), and she wanted to use tap water. She refused to continue making lunch because I didn't like the way she cooked. Continue is perhaps the wrong word, as all she had done is put water in a pot. I felt she was being a bit unreasonable as it wouldn't require any extra work to use the bottled water, which I even got out for her.

The pool was disgusting today. There were like a billion dead bugs and stuff floating in it. When we got in I thought it was just pollen and such, as it had always been before. Once we were in a couple minutes I noticed lots of dead bugs stuck to my chest and arms and hands. I then noticed them all over the surface of the pool as well as clumps which sank to the bottom. We got out and went back to the apartment and showered. Icky.

Emily and Aiyre won't be out next weekend but will on Tuesday the 17th. We need to sell her car before she leaves on the 25th. If anyone wants a 01 Ford Taurus with a new car alarm let me know.

I defragmented, scan disked, then finished defragmenting this weekend. I downloaded the latest virus updates. I installed The Temple of Elemental Evil and started a game. It seems okay so far. The henchmen are a bit insane. I have two, one performs normally, snagging a share of the cash. The other insists on taking everything we find. Her inventory is now full and she is heavily encumbered. She won't let me sell anything or trade away anything she has.

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