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Da Mall

We went to the mall after swimming last night. We had dinner and chased Aiyre around a bit. The Finding Nemo toys were on sale at the disney store so I picked up a Dori and Bruce stuffed animal.

Aiyre got up at 7:30 this morning and came in and relaxed with us while we worked up motivation to get up. I finished my book, Contagion by Robin Cook this morning. I liked it quite a lot, it was a quick easy read. I would have preferred more details in the resolution phase, but thats about it.

Next book on the list is Blood and Chocolate. My wife has warned me its kind of a 'chick' book, so I might not like it. I'm not sure how much a chick book it can be if it has were-wolves.

Dropped off the laundry... need to remember to switch it to the dryer and pick it up later...

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