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They told me on thursday that I'd have to go to Beale A.F.B for about 11 months. I'm still discovering things which make me anxious about this decision. Perhaps I can capture a partial list here.

*Concern over house maintenence(snow removal, lawn care, wall development, etc)
*Concern of medical treatment(reschedule of existing appointments, and acquisition of new ones)
*Initial deployment issues(who to see, when to schedule flight, setting up residence, etc.)
*Family issues(how to get visits arranged, how to handle time away from wife/child)
*Car issues(how to get car shipped, need to set up california reg/insurance/inspections)
*Billing issues(gas, electric, credit cards, sewage, water)
*Tax issues(2003 filing(all paperwork in MA), 2004 prep(file both MA/CA))
*Job worries(what to do while there/job description not clear, good work environment)
*Pre-Departure overload(need to finish 4months of work in 1 month, need to finish six sigma project)
*Shipping concerns(what to ship, when to ship, how to make arrangements, safety of shipped items, etc)
*Computer issues(backup of current machine, saving data, shipping it?, etc)
*Social concerns(I'm not really friends with anyone who is going, making new friends, dealing with emotional isolation)

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