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Madness Monday

My first day back after two days off. I kept it short and quick. I slept in, came in somewhat late and then left early to play softball. We fielded 15 and the other team 5. We win on forfeit. We ended up loaning them players and playing a scrimage anyway. It was good practice, I got to play 3rd again. I fielded two balls and errored on two. I managed to hit the ball onto the grass 3 times, a feat I've never done.

The Evil Queen of Numbers(TEQN) his heading on vacation, yeah! She still hasn't approved my training plan, but at least she stopped bitching about it. I'll admit, that in her favor, I hadn't considered that in the new scheme her approval of the plan is Raytheon saying, go ahead take the class, we'll pay you for it. I guess Brett was more cavalier about this responsibility.

Aiyre developed a bit of a rash over the weekend. We don't know what its from. In some places it looks like zits, or poison ivy, perhaps chicken pox. In other places it looks more like blisters and such. We initially noticed it on her nose and cheeks just below her eyes. Later we found it on her fingers, the back of her hand and her wrist. That evening we noticed it on her feet too. Emily said it didn't get any worse today, which is a relief. It isn't itchy, or at least she isn't scratching it. She will poke at it a little if she is bored, but only then.

Matts been in Vegas, so Star Wars is taking a break till tomorrow. I finally got Colleen caught up with the rest of the group. It's been very confusing for her, as a wookie. She can't talk to anyone and no one understands her. People are making an effort, but you can't learn a language in a couple days or weeks. They want to buy a translation droid, but they can be expensive. Maybe I can make a used one available, one with quirks. Adam could always play the droid instead of the merc we had planned for him. I still need to provide the group with a merc in any case.

I've been a long time supporter of the Rainforests, and with new information available this week about the conversion of much rainforest land into savannah, we need to act. Please go to the rainforest site. They get paid by their sponsers per view. Just go and load the page and you help the rainforests. If you feel like it, click through and buy something. The sponsers often donate extra money when sales occur. Remember, just load the page and click the green button in the middle to help out. Thanks!

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