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I finished The Laughing Corpse by Laurel Hamilton last night at 30 past midnight. I started Contagion by Robin Cook today.

Corpse was quite good, but I predicted the ending again, just like in the first book of the series. Maybe she is writing for people of exactly my intelligence.

I'm not far enough into Contagion to have must impression yet. I don't like one of the characters already. He's working for some oil company and they are covering up an eskimo archeological site they found in Alaska while putting in a pipeline. Damn oil companies.

I missed the Kerry speach last night, which is probably better as I don't think I could stand 55 minute of anyone talking. I did managed to catch the highlights on NPR. This afternoon they had on some military expert who they were asking about Kerrys plans for the military. He was clearly a repub, or at least anti-kerry.

They asked about Kerry's plans to add 40000 troops to ease the burden on the over stretched military. He said that adding troops wasn't going to do it, you had to add specific types of troops. Duh, when we recruit, we recruit for specific jobs. They asked about Kerry's plans/desire to double the number of special forces. He responded that with the current military size he doubted if you could get enough people that were qualified to sign up. He noted you just don't relabel people to special forces, there is some training involved and it takes time. Duh, the sooner we start the sooner we finish. Kerry was planning on increasing the size of the military, that would increase the pool to draw from. He said, just having more special forces would solve the problems, etc. They asked what kind of troops would help. He said, okay, in this case special forces what we need. He said these kinds of broad statements doesn't show him that Kerry has thought out the plan. Duh, its a speech, not a written proposal. You can't include all the detail you want in a speech to steelworkers.

Oh and they asked him about Kerry's plans to provide the military with the equipment and resources they need when sending them to the field. He said, we do have the most advanced military in the world with lots of high tech equipment to keep the soldiers alive. Maybe he hasn't seen all the reports out of Iraq where flak jackets are given out, but no bullet proof plates are provided, armored humvees without the armor, etc. Stories of parents buying the armor plates here in the US and shipping them privately to the troops. Where does NPR dig up these people?

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