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Well, the car buying session didn't go to well.

Emily insisted we stop and checkout the civic hybrid. The dealer there was really nice, non-threatening, and not pushy. The car was okay, though the color choices were awful. We left there to go to the toyota dealer down the road, knowing we can stop on the way back.

At the toyota dealer, we discover that dispite the advertisement they sent us, they did not have any of the prius in stock, much less ready for delivery. They got two in on Wednesday when they mailed the advertisement, and sold them that day. The ones they had at that time were not the equiped with the options we desired anyway and were in the wrong color. So, we would have to order one.

I need the car by 1/19 so it can be shipped to Beale A.F.B. with me when I deploy. They doubted they could get one and to have the car delivered to there would cost like $2000. They also said the would give us 1000 less for the trade in than the toyota dealer we went to a month ago. We told them we would then order it from the other car dealer. This went on for a while and we got sick of them and just decided to go to the Honda dealer for the civic. The honda dealer gave us 500 more for our trade in than either toyota place. They had the car in stock and in the best of the horrible colors with the right options.

That took 5 hours of the morning. Now I've got to come up with something devilish for the game tomorrow.

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