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Scary Movies

I want to see The Village, but my wife is a wuss and doesn't like scary movies...

Okay, she looked over my shoulder. She claims she doesn't want to see it because his last movie was about god. She is making reference to Signs. I didn't see the god bit. She claims she does want to watch it for that reason and because she didn't think it looked good. She says, it looks like it was created by an over inflated ego.

Okay, on the god an signs thing. She saw that gibson recovered his faith in god towards the end of the movie after realizing that god cause all these bad things to happen so that he would learn how to beat the aliens. Yeah right. I saw that he recovered his faith, but because he delusional and a fanatic. Others on the planet discovered how to stop the aliens. Surely people in rainy areas had figured it out.

I guess it boils down to my wife seeing a bunch of random events and gibson taking them as signs from god and that god exists to help us and even bad things are god helping us for something down the road. I saw it as a bunch of random events, that worked out lucky for the main character, who due to his delusion, just to the conclusion that god was trying to help him.

Okay, now that I realize the movie was called signs and the signs from god things, and the alien signs, etc. Maybe the director/author had intended it to be a god movie. I didn't notice it during the movie. I went for the aliens, I saw the aliens. I went for the shivers, I got the shivers. I didn't expect to see god, I didn't see god.

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