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Work -n- Pool

Went into work this morning from 5:30 to 10:30 this morning. I wanted to look and see if we could get anything out of the core files. Well, we could but the build we used that I could debug, had a new bug in it so I still couldn't look at any of the older problems. *sigh*

We've take Aiyre to the pool twice today. She is getting quite good at swimming, but tires quickly. Actually, I tried swimming like she is and it tires me out too. We walked over to 65 to have lunch at a Chinese Buffet place. Aiyre tasted her first lemon pound cake, didn't like it at all. It was so bad she had to wipe her tongue off on her arm. I liked it a lot. They have really good egg rolls. The casing isn't like normal egg rolls, but more like a spring roll casing. Flakey, delicious. Emily doesn't like them.

Aiyre still likes Nemo's Underwater World of Fun. She still only likes to play the matching game, and she still insists on touching the screen and not using the mouse. Oh, well, got to go slow. I didn't like the mouse for a long time.

Looking like homemade hamburgers, tater tots and brocoli for dinner.

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