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Well, my face anyway. I didn't really have time early this week. It's kind of nice to be able to check my email, etc.

I spoke with my ex. I just called to get her zip code so emily could finish with the christmas cards. Her voice is just the same. She is in NYC now finishing her masters at NYU. If I'd known, I may have made plans to visit her. I don't know, I still may. I'll bring Emily and Aiyre along. She's been dating Michael, whom I've never met, for 5 years now. He had a 18 month old daughter when they met and they have been raising her since then. They are going to get married in August. I'll have to see if I can get off from Beale A.F.B to go to Buffalo for the wedding.

Love is strange thing. It is difficult to detect at the moment, but years later it is easy to know if you had it. I thought I loved many people over my life, but now, I can tell that I've loved 5. It would be so much easier to know what to do as your life proceeds if you could tell you really had love in the moment.

I guess it goes back to one of those inspirational posters my mother had in our basement :
If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back to you, its yours.
If it does not, it never was.

That does not exactly cover the thoughts I had, but it is close, and sounds cooler than a more direct translation of my thoughts :
If you love something, leave it for a year.
If you still love it, you always did.
If you don't, you never have.

I'm planning on going to buy the new prius tomorrow from a dealer in Auburn, which claims to have them in stock. They are also having a sale. That combined with the snow we are supposed to get, should give me some leverage on the purchase. Wish me luck.

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