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Well, Emily and Aiyre made it alright. We hit the pool. Wow, damn hot. My car said it was 100 even after driving for 30 minutes.

I feel like were getting killed at work. Our executable exceeds 2 gigs if we build with debug info and the linker can't handle it. As a result we can't really figure out what is happening with the cores we are getting. We are back to putting in print statements, etc. Ah, the stone ages. This is not helping the schedule at all.

We had SGI in and they claim to have upgraded the 64 bit linker to really be 64 bit. We'll see. It linked, I've not examined core file yet. The system is getting to be more stable. Sudbury was able to run over night once, I think our limit is 7 hours or so.

My mother is coming out next week for a couple weeks of California sun. She'll be in Lincoln for Aiyre's 4th birthday. I got her a couple compute games. We already opened one of them last week, which she likes a lot. She plans to head up to Yosemite and down to Monterey. I hoped to take a day off and hit Yosemite with them. Of course with D&TE I wouldn't count on it.

Emily saw I, Robot with her high school friend, Kathleen. I was going to wait for video on that one. I was thinking about seeing The Bourne Supremacy. There was a great quote in last week's newsweek as part of an interview with Matt Damon.

This is your first sequel(The Bourne Supremacy). In the fall you'll have your second, "Ocean's 12." Yeah, I'm a whore.
Nah. It's not like you're doing the sequel to some crass movie like -- I can't say it, man You've got to say it.
"Armageddon." [Laughs] There you go.

I got Emily some Monarch Butterfly earrings. I think they are nice, but she wondered why I got them, as she never has a chance to wear earrings. Hey, at least I remembered. Note: Our aniversary isn't till Wednesday.

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