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I forgot to bring my Flip Flops with me when I came out to California. After 6 months of suffering without them I went to JCPennys and bought a pair of 'Arizona' flip flops. They didn't fit too well, but my foot stayed 'centered' on them, which is normally the problem I have. The first time I wore them to the pool I didn't even make it to the parking lot when I tripped over something. That ripped two of the three attachment points, for the strap, off. JCP was nice enough to let me return them.

Bush has been accusing Kerry of Flip-Flopping. When I first first listening, I have to admit that I began to question. It was that questioning which led me to believe, as I did before that Bush is a wacko extremist. Kerry, as a US senator was hired by the good people of Massachusetts to vote and support those bills which we would have voted for, if this were a 'direct democracy'.

Bush has power, he after all the person often referred to as president. The power has corrupted him. He assumes that the power of being a senator has corrupted Kerry and thay Kerry is therefore voting and acting as he wishes, instead of how the people of Massachusetts want him to act.

Kerry is now running for president. He is telling us how he feels about the issues, not how we feel about the issues. That is one cause for the disconnect. The president deals with more than just passing laws and pleasing the people. The president is an administrator, the head of the executive branch of our government, and as such the persons feelings and character come in to play.

A second reason for disconnects between what Kerry says now and what Kerry voted for then, is 20-20 hind sight. Most americans supported the wars that Bush brought us into, initially. Most americans do not support the wars now. Americans are flip-floppers, it is in our nature. Americans are open minded. As such we are able to change our views on a issue as more information becomes available, or if someone changes our point of view. Bush is more closely aligned with terrorists, he is a close minded, religious extremist who wants to impose his beliefs on everyone he can.

I wish I had MIB with me, there is a great line. It goes something like, "Why not tell them, people are smart? No, no, A person is smart. People are scared panicy animals." Something like that.

Well, enough of this, my vacation has started. I did manage to win the first game against James, but he won the next 11 and the set. I am quite a bad player and he has a good serve(with a special pose just before it). He did allow me to use the doubles lines for the balls I hit, but it didn't matter. It just made the set take longer. It was really hot today again, it is supposed to be hotter yet tomorrow. It was another level 3 day.

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