Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Freaky Friday

Friday at last.

The baby is gone. Her parents arrived this morning and took her back to Albany.

It looks like I'm going to be at Beale for quite a while starting real soon. I'm concerned about emily making arrangements for everything once I go. She does not like to use the phone at all.

We are going down to a car dealer tomorrow which claims to have the Prius in stock to see about buying one.

I'm quite tired today. We were up to 11 last night watching X2 and then I got up at 5 for work. Steve was up at that point, I guess he had a cold. I was planning on leaving work about now, but I've got a meeting from 2-3 which I was notified about this morning. If I had know, I would have slept in and said "goodbye" to steve, linda, and Steffanie.

I'm going to miss out, on the various classes I'm supposed to be taking, while at Beale. I'm going to have to get an IM account so I can "talk" to Emily.

With any luck we'll get a nice amount of snow tonight and tomorrow, though not enough to keep us from hitting the car dealer tomorrow morning.

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